RheaxAnderson Cam2Cam

RheaxAnderson Cam2Cam

Slender bitchy girls with perfect tits are a fan favorite, especially when they’re total financial dommes. She’s able to fulfill every filthy dream you have, you just have to tell her, and, of course, treat her with the respect she deserves whenever you stop by her adult cam2cam website full of money slaves. That respect is measured in dollar bills, if you treasure her expertise and youth, then you’re going to become a human ATM.

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Go on and bow before her while she’s counting the dollar bills. Tell her how perfect she is, and how you’d like to make her cum so she squirts all over your face. Maybe you can help her do it by spanking your own ass for her, that’s going to pique her interest. In return, she’ll take off her bra, but if you want to see her playing with those tits, then open up your wallet.

Obedience isn’t just about pain, she wants humility, so you’re going to act like a dog, bark when she tells you to bark, drink water out of a bowl, and much more. How about you stick your tongue out and lick her clit. She’ll take her panties off and use a vibrator to please herself, while you hump a pillow like a horny dog at the same time. But what she really needs from her live finslave to reach an orgasm is gold jewelry that you’re going to buy her for treating you so well.

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