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As a man, you know nothing hurts more than getting your groin kicked in, and you can be sure that an experienced dominatrix is well aware of that fact. It is their goal to torture you and make you pay both physically and financially for being a bad cash piggy.

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Just like any low-life scum, you crave any kind of attention, and ballbusting financial domme is going to make sure you cry out in pain while saying “thank you, mistress” during these live webcams chat with her today.

Seeing as cock and balls torture is so popular in Japan, it is no surprise that one of the very best mistresses comes from this Asian country. Her name is SeikoSin, and Seiko can be loosely translated to “an unstoppable force”, and she truly lives up to her stage name. She loves to financially dominate her slaves online and you can become one of her servants.

First and foremost, she wants to see what kind of a money sub she is dealing with, hence the inspection of genitals, the size of them, how big, or rather small they are, and all other secrets that could help her with stripping your masculinity. Those tiny pebbles for balls you got would get hit with a spoon, the cold metal sensation is torture on its own, and you can feel your whole body freezing before the gut-punch comes from hits, and she’s going to one-up it with a wooden stick.

Each new strike comes with a price, SeikoSin loves her jade necklaces, they are a symbol of power and do not come cheap, that is why she needs you, only for her expensive jewelry. Her cruelty is evident, it is like nothing you have witnessed before on findom sex cam sites, she does not even flinch while watching you bent over, fighting for your dear life, and from the grin on her face, you can see she enjoys watching you so desperate.

An amazing ballbusting experience is not only reserved for Asian babes, but it also goes all around the globe, to the USA, where a blonde Texan babe going by the name of Alexxxa is eagerly waiting for her next subordinate.

When she puts on the skimpy uniform and a good ole cowboy hat, along with a lasso in her hand, you will feel like helpless cattle in the ring, a real cash cow in one of these live sessions today. Those leather boots of hers are made to strike your balls, her tender feet feel like heaven in them, and she gets her money’s worth by caving in your manhood, but they need to be replaced daily, and you’re paying for them.

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Alexxxa is a real teaser, she likes going back and forth with her findom subs, denying them orgasms, until they get blue balls, perfectly colored and shaped like a ripe plum. You can already feel the tingling, unpleasant sensation, even the slightest touch seems to be able to make your balls explode, but she is just starting with you. A useless finslave like you deserves nothing more than to be kicked hard in the balls, so she can exert domination and demand you surrender your bank account to her, or else there will not be an end in sight.

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No better way to strip a man of his masculinity than taking away what is dearest to him – his balls, and the only thing that comes close is his hard-earned money, but these live mistresses have found a way to take both away from you and make you their pitiful little bitch.

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You do not want to miss out on throwing your wallet to a sadistic, spoiled princess. These babes at money slave mistress live sessions are used to being pampered, and they will not take no for an answer. You should think twice before uttering a word towards them because that could get you in a ball-busting webcam situation. After all, you are no more than a cash piggy for them.

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You would be in awe the moment you meet a dollar-hungry college girl like MoneyMandy. Her daily life is stressful enough, so all the bad things that happen to her will be felt on your skin. Cock torture, cum eating, whatever comes to mind – she will do to you if it makes her feel better about herself.

What better way to make you miserable than to suck your account dry. She is an avid precious stones collector, diamonds, emeralds, silver, and all other colorful jewels she likes decorating her apartment with, she will make your gift to her in live sex rooms. On top of that, there is nothing that makes her happier than seeing all the other cash domination girls envy her when they see how expensive she’s dressing in all the latest designer clothes fashion. She is a real mean bitch.

It is all done by your free will of course, after all, if you come to her, you should know that lavish lifestyle of long coffee’s at Starbucks, endless shopping trips, and wild college parties will not fund themselves.

First and foremost, she is set on making you miserable by flaunting in front of her camera with that young, dazzling body and taut ass. Do you see that? That is what you will never be able to have, consider yourself lucky for even talking to her, now put your leash on and start licking her JimmyChoo shoes.

For what it is worth, DiamondMILF is another findom mistress who could help a cash slave connect with an experienced woman on the website, and we all know experience is priceless, or is it? She is a MILF in her early 30s, already with a couple of failed marriages behind her, and I can tell you that she is sucked those men dry until there was no green flowing in their bank accounts.

Just like those poor bastards, you are drawn in by the size of her massive titties, and they grow bigger every couple of years, must be some kind of magic. Whatever it is, you think you are in for some good time, but you will quickly get snapped back into the real world during a live cam chat with DiamondMILF.

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After lulling you into a false sense of security, and making you feel like you can tell her everything about her, she is going to turn on you. Seeing as she is the real findomme live performer here, there are some games in mind, she wants you to put a blindfold on and apply lipstick on yourself. It gets all smeared around, making you look like a cheap hooker. You surely would need to get into some slutty clothes as well, it will make for a fine addition to her collection of incriminating photos you wouldn’t want to get out in the open. Blackmail is what she does best, and now that she’s got a bird like you in her hands it’s time to ruffle some feathers.

DiamondMILF absolutely adores gift cards for various stores, the more this online money mistress webcam model has, the better, and you better believe that a new swimming pool in her house is going to be fully paid for by you, her personal finsub.

You will have no choice but to come back to financial domination live shows, when you are in, you’re in, trying to pull back will only result in more misery for yourself.

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Who could have known that a class act mistress would be willing to even look at a miserable being like yourself? You are lucky enough to stumble on our financial dominatrix humiliation cam sessions, and your pockets are full of cash, as long as you are well off, you could have some attention.

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You can sneak behind your wives’ back to treat someone better, like a demanding money mistress, ready to push her claws inside your heart and blackmail you, while threatening to unearth the shady ordeal you have been hiding from your closest ones.

MoneyMistress is a busty Latina, and you know how they are, fierce, bitchy, but it is all packed tight in a fleshy wrap of heavenly curviness, with a pearly necklace you bought, around her neck as a cherry on top, just so you do not forget who’s her cash pig. A man can not resist such beauty, you would let her toy with you however she wants, and she definitely knows how to make use out of a lonely simp.

MoneyMistress is a natural teaser, even while fully clothed, you can see there are a juicy ass and dazzling tits hiding underneath. Would you like to see them? Of course, you would, who would not? But that will cost you, both financially and mentally, for each piece of clothing get ready to take one whip on your back with a leather belt and send her over a $100 gift card on top of that.

And just when you think there is a slight chance this cash domme is going to let you beat your cock, she is off to ignoring you. it is a total boner-killer, but it works for her because she can not let a poor fuck like you enjoy himself while watching her nude body, she is going to leave that for another session until then make sure to earn more money, something a bit more generous.

Another dominatrix babe that comes to mind is FinDomina, what could an Asian sensation like her possibly offer? Do you even want to question her expertise in sucking your bank account dry like a succubus? Of course not, that would be rude, and moneyslaves do not have a say in what is going to happen to them on our live financial dominatrix chat anyway.

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Now, she might look petite, but when that slim body jumps in a latex suit, you will take her seriously. She likes them tokens, and with her, it is almost like a competition on how many you are going to tip her while she is degrading your pathetic prick in front of the camera now. If she could get an iPhone for every inch you lack to satisfy her, she would be having 20 of them so far. Who knows? Maybe she will get them after making you feel guilty for even existing.

You would shit yourself at the sound of her voice during the findom humilation cams chat on the FindomCamChat site, that thing is scary, who could have known something so gruesome could come from someone so petite. “You pitiful human ATM, what a disgrace, look at yourself you filthy cash piggy”.

Making her subjects dress up in female clothes and edging them for being sissies is how she feeds her greedy desires, you are at your most vulnerable state, and you are easy prey, all that is left is to talk you into buying her shiny gold jewelry, and none of that yellow stuff, she wants pure white gold, and you are going to provide it to her.

There is much that can be said about findommes, but not that they are humble. Got no personality, but have a 7-figure bank account? You will beg them to take your credit card info once they have chewed and spat you out of their cash-grabbing webcam shows, just so you could have the privilege to see them again.

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You do not want to lose out on meeting a domme who will demand your wallet or better your credit card and make you feel like a lesser human. Our sadistic mistress financial domination live cams offer chat sessions that can be long-term, depending on how deep your pocket is. All you need to do is sign a contract that she provides, and you are a human ATM from that moment onwards. There are plenty of mistresses to choose from, and you can choose which one will be your cash master and will make you go broke.

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Andrea is one of those gold diggers who enjoys being worshipped by miserable sub-humans in front of the cameras. On top of the affection, she is earning more than enough to make a comfortable living even the hardest-working professionals are jealous of.

Though she admits that it is not all about green, at all… she will accept gift cards, expensive jewelry, or designer lingerie of her choosing, the very best, of course, anything lesser than that is unacceptable. Other than that, this findomme enjoys brandishing new equipment for her sex cam2cam shows, paid with finsub money, so she can look stunning in HD while acting like a spoiled brat.

She has got a long track record with some high-class clients, some of those are fairly famous people, but their true identity stays hidden. One of them has even surrendered his bank account information, and Andrea was more than happy to relieve him of some cash. She really is into financial domination and you can be her pay pig now.

Their contract is setting the boundaries, there is a certain limit she is able to spend each month, and in return, he gets treated the way he likes – like a submissive cash-cow. You can imagine a powerful man, who is bored of being the one in charge, there is something about the submissive role that fills him with joy, and releases the tension while he is ball-gagged and bossed around.

Sadistic mistress live rooms are filled with babes like Coreen, your findomme cam model has been doing the mainstream camming, and upon learning of live shows she has decided to try it out. Surprise, surprise, she is here for the long-run. Now her hunger for $3000+ Bvlgari jewelry and top of the line iPhone’s cannot be sated.

Money Dominatrix Live Webcam

She does not have a favorite sub, because each and every one of them ends up working two or three jobs just to support her. The secret is in private chats, once she lures them in a one-on-one situation, they start drooling all over her, and exposing themselves with private information, which turns into blackmailing soon enough.

Her cash piggies are on a short leash, day or night, busy or not, she will call them up and demand some money for whatever the reason it may be, they don’t need to know, because she is in control. Her secret? Those killer looks, with a fitness-model type of body she is getting whatever she wants, and her negotiating skills take it to a whole another level.

You might think these girls are in it just for the money, but there is much more to it. Desperate guys who worship their bodies, and do whatever they are told is making them love live financial dom sex rooms and you have to join one of these strict sluts for a live session yourself.

As long as you are paying them, they will treat you to some jerk off instructions, face riding, and such. On the other hand, you want to watch not to piss them off, they know how to make you suffer, besides taking away your wallet because this is what online financial domination is all. You could get into blindfold and gags, while only hearing gruesome insults coming your way, humiliating you until you start sobbing.

You keep showering them with expensive branded clothes, $1000 gift cards and whatever it is they wish for, and cash mistresses will happily take it, it is as simple as that, and the sadistic part is a cherry on top.