Findom Mistress Slave Cam To Cam Chat

Do you also have hardships sleeping at night, thinking of all the things that await you the morning after? It would be helpful to have something else to set you mind to, something like a strict puppet findom mistress, who is going to control your every move and make you pay for it during a cam to cam chat show on the SM.

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Findom Mistress Slave Cam To Cam Chat

That is how I got interested in browsing the dark side of the internet and stumbled on this incredible website a few weeks ago. Now I have some mean bitches who absolutely depend on my money, and they give me some hard time, something that has not happened in a long time.

My first experience was somewhat weird, simply because I did not know what to expect. I saw this slutty latex clad body of a 24-year-old, and it seemed interesting. She calls herself FindomFiona, “whatever” I think to myself while getting ready to enter my credit card details so I could enter the sex cam room to take your cash away. $500 is needed just to enter, well okay, no biggie.

There she stood, a whip in her hand, red lipstick, and weirdly pale tan. She opened up with questions, asking me what I do for a living, she went straight to the point. We chatted for a couple of minutes, and then she ordered me to take my clothes off, nothing out of the ordinary. It did not take long until I am butt-naked in front of her, and then she starts laughing, pointing at my dick during that cam2cam sex session with this strict findom mistress. “What is that you miserable loser”, whoa, it has been long until someone has spoken to me in that tone, probably never, no one dares to.

She could tell I was getting horny, but suddenly I got kicked out. What the hell is going on, what is this thing, I have to drop another $500 just to go back again and give her a piece of my mind. As you could imagine it did not go like that, soon enough I was doing my own make-up and nails, wore incredibly tight female clothes which were lining into my skin, and sobbing from the money humiliation live shows while ordering her a brand-new gaming console and a 75” 4K TV.

The next time I came back, she was waiting with a contract, I had to sign it, or else my wife was going to find out about my filthy cam2cam secret. I became a total paypig to this cash dominatrix, she used me however she wished.

Financial Domination Cam Show

I was busy plowing myself with a dildo and muffling screams because I am ball gagged, while your favorite findomme was showing me the gold Cassio watch, expensive jewelry, all paid for by me. On top of that, I had to listen carefully, because new demands were coming in, along with the unbearable insults on sex webcams which you enjoy. I have to admit, she had me in her hands, and here I was thinking that no one could best me, boy was I wrong because ladies like herself know how to break your spirit.

I was hooked, it felt so good to not be the one stressing over someone else’s mistake, or being the one who throws a fit, just because I can, no, I was the one who was following orders. Now it is a daily thing, I can not go one night without getting yelled at and ordered around, it is like a drug, and when it gets into your veins, there is no going back.

I am sure that you want to take a peek at these findom cam to cam sex chats anytime you like, and if you are someone who needs some stress relieved, or you simply want to feel powerless for once in your life, these mistresses will gladly take your money for it, and make you feel guilty for not doing it sooner.

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