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Have a wallet burning a hole in your pocket and want to spend it all to spoil a woman? What a coincidence, that’s exactly the type we love on a cam2cam sex chat with your favorite findomme models online, a desperate man who is willing to put on line everything he has just to get some affection from a real woman.

Beware, these dominant chicks are not easy to please, besides all the showering with money they also demand your obedience and not just any kind. Your miserable nuts will get squashed, every inch of your body inspected and humiliated, and you will be held on a short leash until they get every wish made true.

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What’s a peasant to a queen? That’s the same question MissKatie asks herself, and the answer is quite simple, “Nothing”. You must be thinking that something like that can’t be true, but she won’t take any of that nagging and your supposed masculinity because she has the upper hand here.

After all, her stunning body is worth a million dollars, the lavish curves tightly squeezed in tight latex are her most powerful tool, and you’ll start drooling all over her. The fee to even live sex chat with her is quite high, and if you don’t want to play by her rules, well, she will kick you out heartlessly and keep all the money.

You’ll be quick to strip down, there’s a hard-on in those pants just from seeing her for the first time, but she doesn’t think what you’ve got is so generous. A bombshell like her isn’t satisfied by below-average dicks, and you’ll hear all about it with endless verbal humiliation during a live findom cam2cam session, bringing your ego down, telling you all about the girthy meats she’s been swallowing.

If you want it to stop, then get ready to send her some gift cards and buy her jewelry, white gold only, be her filthy pay pig because this is money domination fetish that you are into. Go on and stroke it for her, she wants to get amused by watching you get all cramped up, ready to bust a load, but it’s not about you having fun, she’ll stop you dead in your tracks and ruin multiple orgasms so you’re hanging by a thread, eager to come back and treat her better next time.

Being a human ATM for someone like AvariceAnya is an achievement on the, this hot raven-haired money mistress cares about nothing more than her pockets, and they’re really deep. Keeping up those looks is hardly cheap, she doesn’t settle for average, you should know that up-front.

Drop to your knees and beg her to give you a flash of her tits in her findomme live cam to cam room, worship every inch of that body, but you know that won’t be enough. She will demand your credit card info, it’s easier if she’s able to order and pay for everything herself up to the agreed monthly limit.

It’s funny that you’ve caved in so easily, almost like you’re no man, unable to stand for himself which she finds somewhat pathetic as well. Come to think of it, you would make for a fine hooker, the cheap kind rather, but maybe you’ve got some skills that she could put to use.

First and foremost you will become a sissy, wear make-up, a wig, some girly pink panties, and a see-through bra, the full package while doing cam2cam shows with her finslaves. She will make you suck on a dildo, gobble it up as you mean it while she’s laughing and humiliating you with various tasks, and blackmailing you with pictures into ordering her some designer clothes and accessories.

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Maybe you’re coming to this private financial dominatrix chat to have your cock milked, but first, it’s going to be your wallet, and maybe, just maybe, your mistress allows you to jerk off. These babes are beautiful, there’s no denying that, but those pretty faces are just a mask that hides a greedy, sadistic smile behind.

It’s not in the best interest of a financial webcam domme that you give away everything you’ve got right away, their skills reflect in the ability to turn you on, slowly drip away the bills from your bank account, while at the same time having fun by humiliating you to an incredible extent.

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