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When girls love money more than anything else, they need it fast and from someone who will work hard for it, day and night, just to please them. Sounds like you? Then check out our best cam2cam sex sessions where you’ll be able to express that gratitude, lucky to even get an inkling of attention from a bratty girl. You can join any of these live rooms and have a one on one private chat with our money domme models that will degrade you and turn you into their own paypig that gives them gifts and pay for stuff every time they want.

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They will stomp you with those designer heels, and if they break you will buy a new pair, and a few spare ones just in case. It’s all about how “heavy” you are, the weight of your wallet defines you, it’s a thin line between being a nobody, and a guy who has the privilege of calling himself her finslave. Brendaxbitch will gladly perform live ballbusting findom shows with you and she will kick your balls with her heels and she will make you pay for every kick that she does.

To earn that title, you have to prove how much you adore a financial webcam mistress, especially if she’s so young and hot like Brendaxbitch. She loves wearing expensive jewelry, and she even has a diamond clit piercing, so you know that pussy is expensive, but you’re still far away from seeing it. Do you want to be financially dominated by this cash goddess?

She will demand you kneel down and lick her Prada shoes, get them a new shine with your tongue in front of the camera. Then she’ll take them off and you can enjoy the smell of her sweaty soles, she’ll rub them all over your face so that stench stays there for some time. You can count on her premium cam2cam chat performances that are always of a high quality and she is one of my favorite financial domintrix models on the LJ so make sure to enter her room when you are on that site and I am sure that she will give you a top findom experience when you are with her.

Maybe she’s feeling like getting you nude and collared, so you can act like her little puppy, you are halfway there anyway. From barking to getting you a tailed buttplug, you will have to complete your task looking like a real dog, like eating out of a bowl, or barking when she tells you to. She is only interested in your money and if you play good her game, you might become her cash slave.

Then you’ll be ordered to hump a pillow, and you are going to do it until she has the information to your bank account. This mistress can use that money better than you anyway, and once she makes you cum in that pillow and lick your semen, she will know that you’re under full control, and the fun is just beginning.

MissxDiamondz doesn’t need to punish you, you’ll be showering her with money just to be punished. When you see those chocolate titties and a nice, round booty, your mind will go blank and you’ll act like a robot, only listening to commands. First and foremost, show her how hot she is, buy her new Versace lingerie, and make her happy. You can have the best cam sex with her once you join her cam2cam session and she will make you her human ATM right away.

Then take off your clothes, this live cam findomme wants to see what kind of a man she’s dealing with, but more importantly, to insult your physical attributes. Something like being fat, having a belly, that’s the kind of a man she is going to mentally drain, and you will fit the bill, cash piggy.

Being told off by this hot ebony is something you don’t want to experience, but yet, she is going to relentlessly insult you in front of the camera, and even ignore you for the rest of the time. You have to make that impression better, so why don’t you tip her some cash, that will brighten up her mood for a bit.

She still wants to play, and you deserve to be punished, after all, admit that you’re a tub of useless lard who can’t even see his prick and now you are a cash slave that gets financially dominated and humiliated by your domme. She can, and it isn’t pretty, which is why it’s going to be locked up, while you keep telling her how hot she is as a toy plows her slit, and you’ll be left without an orgasm until she deems you worthy of one and unlocks the chastity.

It’s even better if a findomme can see your face and the body behind that bank account because she won’t shy away from blackmailing you on live findom cam2cam chats. It’s free real-estate, each month you’ll agree to have a certain amount drained from your account, and she’ll slowly gain control over your everyday life.

Even making you do things like crossdressing and going out in the public like that, or calling you in the middle of a day to demand a dick pic from your workplace or in a park. The number one thing that’s important here is your money, do you have enough to take good care of these super hot, super spoiled financial dommes. So if you are into financial domination fetish and you would like to become a cash piggy that gets controlled and degraded by a harsh goddess, I recommend you to join our sex webcam site for the best live cam2cam fun with mistress models that just want your money and they do not care about your feelings. They all get off on manipulating, humiliating and dominating subs online and making them do whatever they say like paying for their new shoes or iPhone Pro without receiving anything in return from them. Go meet our top cash dommes now and enjoy your findom fantasies while having online shows with them.

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